Orthoceras Squid Fossil Atlas Mountains Morocco

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This is a beautifully preserved fossilized Orthoceras that was carefully carved from solid stone matrix in the Atlas Mountains, North Africa and then polished, giving this specimen its shiny surface. The matrix is an odd colour; brown with a tint of orange and the actual fossil protrudes from the rock. This is a truly one-of-a-kind fossil and would make a great addition to any collection and a perfect gift.

This fossil is 100% natural with no restorations except for polishing.

Specifications of Fossil:

Length: 137mm (5.40”)

Width: 57mm (2.24”)

Weight: 214 grams (7.55 oz)

Location: Atlas Mountains, North Africa

Orthoceras lived during the mid-late Ordovician period to the late Permian of the Palaeozoic era. They are extinct members of the Cephalopods and are the ancient ancestors of the octopus and squid. Their numbers were vast and they were distributed all across the world, making them great index fossils like ammonites.

Location: Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Genus: Orthoceras

Geological era: Palaeozoic

Period: Ordovician

Age (MYA): 488.3 to 443.7 Million Years Ago

Length: 137mm (5.40”)

Width: 57mm (2.24”)

Weight: 214 grams (7.55 oz)

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